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To Do: Things to Accomplish for 2014

AKA Resolutions. But that sounds cliche. Though it does sound cliche how I’m rephrasing it, no?

1) Keep in better touch with my friends and people that I care about. I always use the excuse “it’s great that we can still get along so well even though we haven’t seen each other in forever; that’s the sign of a good friendship!” Yes, that may be true, and I’m lucky to have friendships that are so good that we can last through that, but I need to spend more time building these friendships and furthering them. I do care about everyone, after all! Take more trips, see more people!

2) Stop doing things to make other people happy; do things to make myself happy.

3) Typical girl things – be less fat, work out at least 2x a week (this is a vast improvement over the first 9 months of 2013!), eat more healthy

4) Spend less money on clothes; especially things that look exactly the same just in different colors. I’ve already stopped using my EXPRESS and VS credit cards to get out of the cycle of “oh sweet I have $40 worth of points expiring in two weeks – time to buy more to use this discount!” IT’S A RUSE. A CLEVER, CLEVER RUSE!

5) Stand up for what I want. Identify what needs to be done to get what I want, and go for it. Make. Shit. Happen.

These were bouncing around in my head, but it seems much more formal now that I’ve typed them out!



Nail Polish Sale!

If you know me, you know I have WAY too much nail polish for my own good. Seriously, I do not have enough fingers =( Anyways, I’m getting rid of a chunk of my stash, mostly colors that are really similar to ones I already have – the majority of them have only been used on 1 finger or 1 hand, and I’d love to sell them in bulk =D Please leave a comment or send me an email if you’re interested ( If directed here via Cat, please contact her!

Thirty-six bottles of bright awesome colors below the cut! (I’m open to negotiations, especially in bulk, so feel free to contact me for questions!)

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Why I need to spend more time packing

In an exciting turn of events, I spent about half an hour packing for my most recent China trip. Because I am a moron and was not thinking clearly, here are the things that I forgot:

– Sunblock
– Glasses
– Gym clothes
– Hair ties (for factory and gym)
– Refill my contact solution
– Anything remotely pajama-esque
– Nail clipper or nail file

I’m sure there are other things as well, but I have not needed them yet.

I should start making a list or something… but that would just be too easy!

Also this blog post is brought to you by jetlag and Toblerone!

Now to see if the gym has clothes for me to borrow… -_____-

Why I should just take the subway everywhere (China edition)

So I’ve been in China since August 18th and I’ve gotten a bit of experience with being driven around here. This is actually my first time in China, and it’s incredibly different from anywhere else I’ve been previously. The transportation around here is just as cray as it is in Vietnam, but it very different ways. In Vietnam, there are tons of mopeds and they are very good at dodging pedestrians, so there aren’t too many accidents. Here, people drive faster and seem to be more impatient, resulting in more collisions and almost-running-over of pedestrians! Since I’ve been here, I’ve been in buses, vans, and taxis, and as I have promised Smos that I would be creating some sweet charts, I took the opportunity to compile an excellent chart documenting my general experiences in a vehicle in China:

Please note that for all but one of the unsafe conditions, the driver was also efficient and got us to our final destination much quicker than if he had obeyed basic traffic laws. There is currently no correlation between the driver spitting on another car and speed, but while he was spitting and pulling his head back in through the window, there was a lot of extra swerving, which may have contributed a slight addition to our speed due to the added friction. Or I could totally be talking out of my butt =)

(Additionally, my co-worker throwing up was attributed to him having terrible food poisoning, but the driving may have contributed slightly to nausea. You’re welcome for the image =D)

In retrospect, this is actually a very bad choice of chart. Stacked bar chart may have been better.

If I had a sweet chart-making group, this would not have happened.

Back to work!

Business Class

Right now, I am at the Hong Kong International Airport, chilling in the United First Class Lounge with two of my co-workers, awaiting our flight to Singapore! We are sitting on these comfortable leather couches, drinking fancy Perrier and grapefruit juice, typing away on our MacBooks. Don’t I feel all special and business-like!

Really, I still haven’t gotten my head around that I’m working now – it still feels like I’ve been dropped into someone else’s life – someone who is much more mature than I am and wears fancy business suits, except for the fact that nobody at work actually wears business suits.

We flew business class from SFO to get here, and it was the most comfortable flight I have ever been on! There were so many different controls for the chairs (cycling lumbar support say WHATTT??!!) and they reclined all the way down so it was like a bed! The leg space was ridiculous (though my legs are shorter than average, I could barely reach the other side!) The food was fantastic, and the service was awesome.

And I’m gaining hella miles. I think I could get used to travelling =D

Hey! What’s going on?!

For some reason, I’ve been having a lot of problems posting YouTube videos on my WordPress blogs in the past few months. I don’t know what’s up – if someone could comment on this?

Anyways, my friend posted this up a few days ago, and it’s been bringing up my spirits for the last week. I can’t stop listening to it!!!! (It’s also what happens if you go to Black Acre Brewing’s website and click that you’re “under 21”!)

I’ll have continuations of my travel posts up soon! I started work last week and I’ve been running again, so between that and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time (more on this later as well =D) it’s been a bit insane!

Until next time, Cheers!
<3 Tiff

Tiff and Cat’s Most Excellent Adventure!

Here we are, sitting at San Francisco International Airport Gate A9. We are leaving for Paris today for the start of our grand European adventure! Our flight was scheduled to leave at 15:30, but due to a unknown delay has been rescheduled to 16:59, which is so fantastically specific that I can’t stop my amusement! Cat is sitting here next to me playing with her new-used iPhone 3 and trying not to fall asleep from the lack of sleep caused by her CELEBRATION OF GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL last night! I’m so proud =D

We’ve got this on lockdown. It’s going to be HUGE!!! I know I always try to do this when I go on vacation, but this time I am going to try and post something every day (that I have Internet!) even if it’s just something short. Let’s see how long that lasts, neh? =D

And now, I’m putting this away and waiting to get on an AirFrance A380!

With love and a biscuit,
TiffHu <3

Something exciting! =)

So my life has gotten really interesting recently, what with completing my last class ever, finishing my thesis for my dual major, assembling a very large number of tanks for our manufacturing class, living it up for the last few days of undergraduate life, and a multitude of other very exciting events, but along the way I seem to have picked up somebody just a LITTLE bit more interesting than the rest:

His name is Nick and I like him quite a bit! Yeah, “D’AWWWWWWWW” it up!!!! =D