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Erasmus Reunion!

I’m so excited that I’m going to be seeing the majority of the people in this photo (plus my amazing kitchenmates and a few others!) soon =)

Photo fromAndrea

From left to right: Guillaume, Aurélien, Michiel, me, Andrea, Ann, Pierre, Len, Quentin <3

Here’s what the schedule is looking like so far, but it’s subject to change

May 29: RPI commencement
May 30: Cat’s 18th birthday
June 8: The BaShihlors of Arts and Sciences
June 12: Stanford commencement/diploma ceremony
June 16: Cat’s graduation
June 17: SFO -> CDG
June 18 – 20: Paris
June 21 –  24: , Castellarano, Modena, Bologna(?)
June 24 – 26: Venice
June 26 – 27: Florence (tentative)
June 28 – 30: Milan
June 30 – Jul 3: København!
Jul 3 – Jul 6: Athens
Jul 7 – 10: Naxos
Jul 10 – Jul 14: Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp
Jul 14: BRU -> SFO
Jul 18: First day of work!

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Seven days, seven random cupcakes!

Like the title suggests, I have made the executive decision to make a different awesome cupcake every day for the next week. YES I AM IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!

And before you ask, there is absolutely no concrete reason behind this – there is no method to my madness!! This was one of those ideas concocted by too much boredom, and probably too much work to do. I tend to do this thing when I am studying for an important text the next day where I come up with random ideas that take a lot of work but would be really exciting, and then get so excited about the idea that I immediately open a new tab in EditPad (like Notepad, but better) and start typing my ideas. Studying? Completely forgotten – thrown out the window, never to be thought of again until the startling realization that I just blew off two hours of hardcore studying to make a list of 15 cupcake concepts. But… it’s cupcakes!

Let me just say upfront that while I love baking, I am in no way a professional. I would LOVE to open a bakery/coffee shop/bar (this is actually something Tiffany and I discuss at great length) but that is a dream for later, when I have the time and money to kick around and fund my inner desire to be super awesome and make everyone super happy. I also don’t like pastries. I don’t like frosting, I don’t like things that are super sweet – they make me sick. BUT, I love design, and the PDI major in me is always screaming for me to let it out and DECORATE SOMETHING! So why not cupcakes? Mini masterpieces, they are!

Here is a preliminary menu and schedule for the week – it is very much a draft and is definitely subject to change:

MONDAY: Reese’s-inspired peanut butter cup(cakes)
TUESDAY: Mojito cupcakes with a lime-rum frosting
WEDNESDAY: “This cupcake sounds like froyo!” cupcake
THURSDAY: Mango cupcakes
FRIDAY:  Dark chocolate with blackberry and strawberry compote
SATURDAY: Apple crisp
SUNDAY: Olive oil clementine cupcakes with a balsamic vinegar whipped cream

They might also have names eventually. I haven’t really decided yet.

If all goes well, there will be pictures and recipes coming up soon!

Love and a slew of cupcakes,

Tiff x

EDIT: Tito took me to the store!!!! And… I cannot believe I just spent about $100 on cupcake supplies. It’s the fruit that killed it – strawberries and mangoes here in upstate where nothing grows cost you your firstborn =( The upside is that a good fraction of that went into reusable supplies – a muffin/cupcake tray, a zester, a pastry bag w/ decorating tips, and food coloring. I guess I will be eating potatoes, noodles, and salad for the rest of the month! Then again… I love potatoes, noodles, and salad so I guess there really isn’t much of an issue. Oh and I should probably eat some cupcakes for like.. energy.

Hello world!

Why hello there, and welcome to my most recent attempt on a somewhat more organized blog!! I haven’t exactly decided where I’m going with it yet, but I will be using it to post little things that you all might find interesting – photos, memoirs from trips I’ve taken, recipes I’m trying, music I’m listening to, etc etc.

I don’t have a layout yet, so I’m using a template from Natty WP. I haven’t had an opportunity to put Photoshop on my computer since the reimage earlier this semester, so it’s been making editing graphics pretty difficult. It’s been quite distressing, to be honest! But really, using a template itches at my subconscious, so I’m hoping to have a new custom layout up ASAP!

I’ll be carting over some of my past (more interesting) blog posts from previous blogs, just because! Mainly, they’re from my travel blog that I only updated about three times from the time I was studying abroad, since I have a feeling I’m going to be writing more about my travels here, and because they’re pretty much just fermenting over on a dead blog!

In any case, I figured it was time for a revamp so, here you go! Sit back, have a cup of tea and a stroopwafel, and enjoy your stay! x

P.S. This post is lacking in photos, so to compensate for my lack of greatness, here is a picture of my friend Jess, which is almost as profound as a painting of Napoleon:

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