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Easter Holidays (+1 week!) Itinerary!

March 26 – Copenhagen -> Madrid via plane w/ layover in Frankfurt
March 27 – Madrid
March 28 – Madrid -> Granada via bus
March 29 – Granada -> Barcelona vis sleeper train
March 30 – Barcelona
March 31 – Barcelona
April 1 – Barcelona -> Nice via plane
April 2 – Nice (and surrounding areas)
April 3 – Nice (day trip to Monte Carlo/Monaco one of these days_
April 4 – Nice (awesome beachy stuff!)
April 5 – Nice -> Geneva (meet up with Jess, visit CERN!) -> Interlaken
April 6 – Interlaken (Hiking the Jungfrau region or ice climbing)
April 7 – Interlaken (Sky diving above the alps!)
April 8 – Interlaken -> Zurich via train
April 9 – Zurich -> Copenhagen

Upcoming events!

April 12-22ish –  Swaffie in Denmark!
April 14-16 – Jess in Denmark!
April 15-18 – Kampsax (SAXEN) Maratonbar (not spelled wrong!)
April 23-25 – Trip to Bergen, hiking Ulriken, Fjord tour!!!
April 29 – Bartending at SAXEN
April 30 – Seth or Julian in Denmark?
May – Fail all my classes! x_x

Anyways, back to packing! Gotta leave for the airport in 4 hours!

Introduction Week: 26-31 Jan, 2010

Hey guys!

I know not that many people read this blog, but even the fact that some of you check it makes me “d’awww” a little on the inside, and I really do enjoy blogging, so I feel really bad about not updating! Last week hit me really hard – all of a sudden, a lot of deliverables were due for my classes, so it was a lot of stressing out. However, the last item from this first week was due earlier today, so now I feel a lot more relieved! I’m going to take this time to get together a lot of stuff I’ve meant to do all semester, such as update this blog with a slew of outdated blog posts, wash all my socks (it’s good the weather got really nice this past week because I’ve been having to wear my flip flops!), and hole punch a stack of 200 sheets of paper. Really. Oh, and pack for our epic spring break trip! We’re hitting 3 (possibly 4) countries in the span of two weeks, so I’m pretty stoked. But I’ll write about that in a later post =)

This post is about introduction week! It picks up from where “Hello ma’am, your flight today includes a complimentary side of engine failures and crying babies?” skipped over.

Tuesday, 26.01

(That’s how they write dates in Europe – date before month; it really threw me off for a while). The previous post leaves off with my wallet crying after spending $100 on a taxi to get to DTU. I thought I couldn’t be late, so I had to take a taxi instead of public transportation. Turns out, it didn’t really matter if I was on time or not. Damn. Well, the Danes are very into being punctual, so I suppose it was good that I made an effort?

Anyways, I walked into the canteen (it’s the name of the cafeteria) in the middle of someone giving a lecture to all the international students. We had a couple of speakers doing the usual welcome-type of introductions, then had breakfast. We were separated into groups, each with a group leader. They gave us a tour around campus, and we had a chance to meet each other. They tried to seperate people from the same school and country, so it was a good mix of cultures.

Highlights from the campus tour: data bars and the building numbering system. Most buildings on campus have rooms called “data bars,” which are basically computers for the students to use. They’re really nice too and have all sorts of useful software – not like the slow clunky ones that we have in the VCC back at RPI. They’re open 24-7 and all you need is your student ID card to have access. Pretty sweet. Printing is FREE, which means… lots of rasterbations! The building numbering system at DTU is really sweet because the school is divided like a cartesian coordinate grid. Basically, the two main roads running through campus are perpendicular to each other, and where they intersect is the origin. From there, the buildings are divided into quadrants, and each quadrant has it’s own departments. For example, both of my majors (Mechanical Engineering and Design and Innovation) are in quadrant 4. Therefore, all the buildings I have classes in are next to each other and start with the number “4.” It’s so nerdy, but makes SO much sense!! I love it <3

Then, we had a scavenger hunt around campus, but it was cold so nobody was really into it. Then, we all met up back at the canteen and did competitions where we built structures to hold up beer cans. We placed second:

Group 5 with our beer tower!

Then, we had a delicious dinner, and went down to the student cellar bar. DTU has a lot of campus bars – can you believe that each department has their own Friday bar?

Wednesday, 27.01

After the luggage crisis mentioned in the post reference above, we boarded buses and left for a tour in Copenhagen! It was snowing so hard though, and everyone who wasn’t wearing boots got wet socks within the first hour of walking around. It was a pretty good tour though, we saw Den lille havfrue, which is the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor. It’s got a cool history behind it, especially since they always replicas on display since people keep beheading her (and she’s also doing a tour in China this spring), but it’s also known as one of the biggest disappointments because it’s a really small statue. I won’t paraphrase it here, but DEFINITELY check out this wikipedia page for the history behind the statue (and all the time’s it’s been defaced – it’s hilarious)!

Stefano from Italy molesting the Little Mermaid.

We also saw some other sights, like the opera house and the queen’s house. They also showed us some more practical things, like the train station, where to get clip cards for transporation, and where to buy SIM cards. It was unbearably cold though, so we ended up splitting the group into those who wanted to get drunk and run around on a frozen lake, and those who wanted to go to a cafe. Sorry – I chose cafe. I was FREEEEEZING! Afterwards, we met all the other internationals at a vegetarian buffet, then headed over to the Student House.  I got tired pretty early, so Joyce and I tried to head back, but the buses were all either cancelled or running late because of the snow. That’s what I’ve learned about the public transportation here – it’s pretty decent… until it snows. Then it’s all sorts of confused.

Thursday, 28.01

Thursday morning, we went to Lyngby Storcenter to get our CPR numbers and yellow cards. Health insurance is free in Denmark because the taxes are ridiculously high, so we’re getting the benefits =) Then, Joyce, Will, Phil, and Darcy wandered around Lyngby. We found an amazing kebab place! (Seriously, we have eaten sooo many kebabs!) Then, we went to Carlsberg museum for a tour! I was a little bummed that we didn’t really get to see the brewery or the beer making process, but it was still a cool tour.

Entrance to Carlsberg!

Ridiculous beer collection in the museum of every bottle they’ve ever made

All of us with the famous Carlsberg elephants!

Afterwards, we went and got groceries for the first time (for me anyways) and then had a delicious dinner at Joyce’s kitchen!

Friday, 29.01

We had lectures upon lectures all day – I don’t even really remember what we talked about! I think it was stuff like study habits, language courses, blah blah. Anyways, afterwards every group had to prepare a dish for our dinner feast! Our group was assigned to make pasta salad, so we went over to the containers and took over a kitchen. The Italians were disgusted by the idea of a pasta salad, so they actually saved about a third of the pasta we were supposed to cook and made pesto! I absolutely love Italians because they cook DELICIOUS Italian food!

Italians taking over the job of making pasta XD

While we were waiting, a bunch of us started playing card games. Len (from Belgium), Ann (from Singapore), Pawel (from Poland), and I got ahold of a strange Italian deck of cards. They’re really interesting because they don’t have numbers at all, just pictures of people with weapons. We devised our own game, where basically we all play cards and then we argue about which card would pwn the other one best. It was pretty sweet =D

Then, we headed over to the canteen to meet all the other groups for dinner. It was a lot of fun because all the Americans started teaching their groups American drinking games. At one point, Tom (from Wisconsin) was teaching his group flip cup. I mean seriously, where else is there 250 people eating in a cafeteria and all of a sudden, a table stands up and starts playing flip cup? Pretty hilarious! After dinner, we went to the student house, which is like a club on campus and partied the night away!

Tom standing on a table and shotgunning a beer in the middle of dinner!

Saturday, 30.01

Pretty much spent the day cleaning my room. Vacuumed soooooo many spiders off the ceiling x_x I met a lot of my kitchenmates that day too, so that was awesome!

Sunday 31.01

We wanted to explore Copenhagen, so Len, Ann, Aurélien (from France), and I met up at the Rådhuspladsen, which was basically the town square. Ann got lost on the bus, so we spent a good deal of time looking for her, and by the time we found her we were frozen solid, so we walked around for a bit then went to a nice cafe.

Look at all the snow! This used to be a LAKE!!!

That’s all for now!

<3 Tiff

Love and some choice verses, from DTU!