Monthly Archives: April 2010

Score one for Iceland!

On April 15th, Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano in Iceland, erupted, forcing pretty much all of Northern Europe to shut down the airspace. Ridiculous, right? Love it. It’s still affecting us now, and just today airlines have started flying to certain locations. Here’s a news post with some kickass pictures!

So yeah, Eyjafjallajökull is now my desktop background =D

In other news, the weather has been WEIRD as of late! Do you think it’s related to the ash in the air? First, it rained all day yesterday, and then we had 5 seasons within the span of 10 hours today. This morning, I woke up to hail against my window around 7am, then rain at 9am, and when I stumbled out around noon for lunch and Top Gear, I was having a cheery conversation with Daniel that ended up with me looking out the window mid-sentence and going “wait. Is it really SNOWING outside???” And now, it’s sunny and beautiful! Come on Denmark! What’s going on???!

Also, I was reading the news today, and this article amused me, especially this excerpt:

Cimber Sterling has put its pilots to good use while they have been unable to fly in and out of Denmark; they have been manning the phones to track down stranded passengers.

‘The pilots said they were upset they couldn’t fly down and fetch the passengers but of course they’ll be delighted they can now get up in the air again,’ said the airline’s commercial manager Lars Bording.

According to Bording, customers were ‘positively surprised’ to find their pilots at the other end of their phone and found it somewhat amusing.