Monthly Archives: May 2011

Pop Culture Knowledge Gaps, for future reference

We were watching James Bond earlier this evening, and it occurred to me (as it has many times before) that I have a huge gap in my knowledge when it comes to pop culture references. It’s one thing to be lacking in cult classics, but it’s another to be someone who has only seen one James Bond movie (make it two as of earlier today!), one and a half Star Wars episodes, never seen Jurassic Park, and the list goes on! So here’s a list that I will constantly be updating for future reference of things (in no particular order) I should probably watch:

– Top Gun
– James Bond
– The Godfather
– Star Wars
– Terminator
– Jurassic Park

– Mad Men
– Firelfy

I’m sure I am missing a ton, but that’s all I have for now.