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Why I should just take the subway everywhere (China edition)

So I’ve been in China since August 18th and I’ve gotten a bit of experience with being driven around here. This is actually my first time in China, and it’s incredibly different from anywhere else I’ve been previously. The transportation around here is just as cray as it is in Vietnam, but it very different ways. In Vietnam, there are tons of mopeds and they are very good at dodging pedestrians, so there aren’t too many accidents. Here, people drive faster and seem to be more impatient, resulting in more collisions and almost-running-over of pedestrians! Since I’ve been here, I’ve been in buses, vans, and taxis, and as I have promised Smos that I would be creating some sweet charts, I took the opportunity to compile an excellent chart documenting my general experiences in a vehicle in China:

Please note that for all but one of the unsafe conditions, the driver was also efficient and got us to our final destination much quicker than if he had obeyed basic traffic laws. There is currently no correlation between the driver spitting on another car and speed, but while he was spitting and pulling his head back in through the window, there was a lot of extra swerving, which may have contributed a slight addition to our speed due to the added friction. Or I could totally be talking out of my butt =)

(Additionally, my co-worker throwing up was attributed to him having terrible food poisoning, but the driving may have contributed slightly to nausea. You’re welcome for the image =D)

In retrospect, this is actually a very bad choice of chart. Stacked bar chart may have been better.

If I had a sweet chart-making group, this would not have happened.

Back to work!

Day 17-18: Athens, Hellas (Αθήνα)

I apologize profusely for the delay in this post! It has been written and sitting around as an open tab for the last two weeks – I just never got around to adding photos to it! And I mean really, what’s a blog post without photos?? Aside from this, there are two posts left in this awesome saga, and those will be written… soon! I promise! =D And now without further ado – ATHENS!

I never thought I would be in Athens. For me, Athens was one of those places that I only read about in history books (such as the pyramids in Egypt) and and saw in movies about mythology – never in my life, even while planning the trip, did I really think that I would make it to Athens and stand where so many great minds of our time came from. One of the oldest cities – the beginning of Western civilization as we know it, the birthplace of democracy… I could just go on and on! I was standing in the Acropolis staring at the Parthenon when it really hit me – I’m finally here. This really exists. It’s not something that I just read about. I am so incredibly lucky to be here, taking in all of this.

View entering the Acropolis!

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Business Class

Right now, I am at the Hong Kong International Airport, chilling in the United First Class Lounge with two of my co-workers, awaiting our flight to Singapore! We are sitting on these comfortable leather couches, drinking fancy Perrier and grapefruit juice, typing away on our MacBooks. Don’t I feel all special and business-like!

Really, I still haven’t gotten my head around that I’m working now – it still feels like I’ve been dropped into someone else’s life – someone who is much more mature than I am and wears fancy business suits, except for the fact that nobody at work actually wears business suits.

We flew business class from SFO to get here, and it was the most comfortable flight I have ever been on! There were so many different controls for the chairs (cycling lumbar support say WHATTT??!!) and they reclined all the way down so it was like a bed! The leg space was ridiculous (though my legs are shorter than average, I could barely reach the other side!) The food was fantastic, and the service was awesome.

And I’m gaining hella miles. I think I could get used to travelling =D