Homemade Grenadine

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I have always had an interest in mixology. I’m not really a big drinker, but I have a lot of respect for a well-made drink with high-quality and fresh ingredients, presented in a gorgeous way. I’ve never actually bought grenadine before, but one evening when I was tending bar at DTU’s Kampsax Bar during my semester abroad, I looked at the back of a bottle of grenadine – it’s made of a high-fructose corn syrup base and citric acid! Whaat?

Grenadine, traditionally, is a red syrup made with pomegranate juice and sugar. The name actually, comes from the French “grenade,” or “pomegranate.” Definitely not the same as citric acid!

Last winter, I needed some grenadine for a chocolate grenadine cupcake (they were okay, nothing too remarkable) and going to the adult beverage store was an extra trip, so I decided to try and make some on my own! To my delight, making homemade grenadine is ridiculously simple – and it tastes so much better! It almost doesn’t warrant a “recipe” post, but I feel that homemade grenadine is something that people don’t generally think of doing. I promise you though, once you try this and taste the difference, you won’t buy any of the store-mixed stuff again!

Making your own grenadine is pretty much just making a 2:1 syrup – just with POM Wonderful pomegranate juice instead of water!

– 1 bottle POM Wonderful, 16 fl oz
– 1 cup granulated sugar
– a dash of orange-flower water

Bring the sugar and juice to a boil in the saucepan, then simmer until it reduces to about half. Take it off the stove and add the orange-flower water and a tsp of fresh lemon juice, if desired. Let it cool and store in a tight-sealing jar in the fridge! I usually just put it back in the POM bottle, cross out the logo and write “HOMEMADE GRENADINE <3” on it =D

Another (and even EASIER) process of making your own grenadine is almost ridiculously easy: get a jar, pour in 1 cup POM and 1 cup granulated sugar, and shake the living hell out of it until it dissolves. Add a little more and shake again. Done. Fresh and delicious! (This version is a lighter and fruitier, which makes it really good for flavoring when you need a fruitier flavor instead of a sweetener!)

And there you go! Make something delicious out of it! My personal favorite grenadine-based drink is hands down, the Singapore Sling! Other recommendations are the classic Tequila Sunrise and for baking – grenadine frosting topped with fresh pomegranate seeds as a garnish =)

Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, March 11, 2011

Much love, from a closet intoxicologist and pastry chef! =)

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