To Do: Things to Accomplish for 2014

AKA Resolutions. But that sounds cliche. Though it does sound cliche how I’m rephrasing it, no?

1) Keep in better touch with my friends and people that I care about. I always use the excuse “it’s great that we can still get along so well even though we haven’t seen each other in forever; that’s the sign of a good friendship!” Yes, that may be true, and I’m lucky to have friendships that are so good that we can last through that, but I need to spend more time building these friendships and furthering them. I do care about everyone, after all! Take more trips, see more people!

2) Stop doing things to make other people happy; do things to make myself happy.

3) Typical girl things – be less fat, work out at least 2x a week (this is a vast improvement over the first 9 months of 2013!), eat more healthy

4) Spend less money on clothes; especially things that look exactly the same just in different colors. I’ve already stopped using my EXPRESS and VS credit cards to get out of the cycle of “oh sweet I have $40 worth of points expiring in two weeks – time to buy more to use this discount!” IT’S A RUSE. A CLEVER, CLEVER RUSE!

5) Stand up for what I want. Identify what needs to be done to get what I want, and go for it. Make. Shit. Happen.

These were bouncing around in my head, but it seems much more formal now that I’ve typed them out!



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