Day 17-18: Athens, Hellas (Αθήνα)

I apologize profusely for the delay in this post! It has been written and sitting around as an open tab for the last two weeks – I just never got around to adding photos to it! And I mean really, what’s a blog post without photos?? Aside from this, there are two posts left in this awesome saga, and those will be written… soon! I promise! =D And now without further ado – ATHENS!

I never thought I would be in Athens. For me, Athens was one of those places that I only read about in history books (such as the pyramids in Egypt) and and saw in movies about mythology – never in my life, even while planning the trip, did I really think that I would make it to Athens and stand where so many great minds of our time came from. One of the oldest cities – the beginning of Western civilization as we know it, the birthplace of democracy… I could just go on and on! I was standing in the Acropolis staring at the Parthenon when it really hit me – I’m finally here. This really exists. It’s not something that I just read about. I am so incredibly lucky to be here, taking in all of this.

View entering the Acropolis!

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Business Class

Right now, I am at the Hong Kong International Airport, chilling in the United First Class Lounge with two of my co-workers, awaiting our flight to Singapore! We are sitting on these comfortable leather couches, drinking fancy Perrier and grapefruit juice, typing away on our MacBooks. Don’t I feel all special and business-like!

Really, I still haven’t gotten my head around that I’m working now – it still feels like I’ve been dropped into someone else’s life – someone who is much more mature than I am and wears fancy business suits, except for the fact that nobody at work actually wears business suits.

We flew business class from SFO to get here, and it was the most comfortable flight I have ever been on! There were so many different controls for the chairs (cycling lumbar support say WHATTT??!!) and they reclined all the way down so it was like a bed! The leg space was ridiculous (though my legs are shorter than average, I could barely reach the other side!) The food was fantastic, and the service was awesome.

And I’m gaining hella miles. I think I could get used to travelling =D

Hey! What’s going on?!

For some reason, I’ve been having a lot of problems posting YouTube videos on my WordPress blogs in the past few months. I don’t know what’s up – if someone could comment on this?

Anyways, my friend posted this up a few days ago, and it’s been bringing up my spirits for the last week. I can’t stop listening to it!!!! (It’s also what happens if you go to Black Acre Brewing’s website and click that you’re “under 21”!)

I’ll have continuations of my travel posts up soon! I started work last week and I’ve been running again, so between that and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time (more on this later as well =D) it’s been a bit insane!

Until next time, Cheers!
<3 Tiff

Day 13-16: København, Danmark

YESS – I’m finally returning to my second home – Denmark! It’s so strange to think that just about a year ago, I was leaving Denmark, wondering when the next time Iwould be back was. I was hoping to be able to make it this summer, and I actually did it! We had an awesome time just relaxing and chilling with people I met when I was here last year =D I’ve been so excited and I sound like an idiot just babbling on so I’m going to stop here – read on for more adventures and photos!

Enough said!

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Day 11-12: Milano, Italy

Unfortunately, our trip through Northern Italy was almost at an end =( However, we got to end it with two days of sightseeing and of coruse, SHOPPING, in Milano! Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the amazing thing about Italy is that every city is completely different than the previous one. In addition to some quick exploring and sightseeing, we met up with my good friend Stefano T!

Stefano and I enjoying some granitas in Sforza’s gardens! (Photo by Cat)

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Day 8-10: Veneto, Italy

If you’ve heard me recount tales of my semester abroad, a name you may remember is Stefano, the craziest Italian of them all! He’s hilarious, an amazing chef (his pizza and coffee is to die for!), an incredibly good host, and just a total riot to hang out with! He’s also completely insane, but in a good way =D

Day 5-7: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

In this portion of the trip, we explored the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy! We met up with Andrea (a friend from when I studied abroad in Denmark) and his brother, and they took us on a gorgeous hike in the mountains!

Historical charm, delicious food, amazing architecture, and good company – who could ask for more?

Marcel/Fabio (he is having a slight identity crisis) enjoying the sun atop Pietra di Bismantova in his oversized Armani shades!

This is my new favorite quote: “L’amicizia si misura in metri di pizza” – friendship is measured in meters of pizza!

Keep reading for photos of awesome buildings and amazing food! =)

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Day 1-4: Paris, France

Hello all!

So remember how I promised I’d try and update every day? Yeah, well, screw that! However, now I have decided I will make posts encompassing the explorations of each city, so less random posts, better content (hopefully) – and perhaps they will be more timely as well!

Our trip begins with a journey to the City of Light on the River Seine – a beautiful place none other than Paris!

Additionally, this is Marcel, the travelling hedgehog. He likes food, toadstools, travelling, Armani, and being in photos! You may be seeing quite a bit of him in the next few posts!

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Dang hoodlums. The lot of them!

Today, my sister made a substantial and generous donation to the young Parisian hoodlums. In the form of… her entire wallet =(

But other than that slight mishap Paris is pretty sweet =) From meeting up with old friends and Kebab #1 to napping in the sun at a gorgeous park and watching the sun set above the Paris skyline, it’s been a good day. Now, to cure this ridiculous jetlag!

Love and a kebab,