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Why I should just take the subway everywhere (China edition)

So I’ve been in China since August 18th and I’ve gotten a bit of experience with being driven around here. This is actually my first time in China, and it’s incredibly different from anywhere else I’ve been previously. The transportation around here is just as cray as it is in Vietnam, but it very different ways. In Vietnam, there are tons of mopeds and they are very good at dodging pedestrians, so there aren’t too many accidents. Here, people drive faster and seem to be more impatient, resulting in more collisions and almost-running-over of pedestrians! Since I’ve been here, I’ve been in buses, vans, and taxis, and as I have promised Smos that I would be creating some sweet charts, I took the opportunity to compile an excellent chart documenting my general experiences in a vehicle in China:

Please note that for all but one of the unsafe conditions, the driver was also efficient and got us to our final destination much quicker than if he had obeyed basic traffic laws. There is currently no correlation between the driver spitting on another car and speed, but while he was spitting and pulling his head back in through the window, there was a lot of extra swerving, which may have contributed a slight addition to our speed due to the added friction. Or I could totally be talking out of my butt =)

(Additionally, my co-worker throwing up was attributed to him having terrible food poisoning, but the driving may have contributed slightly to nausea. You’re welcome for the image =D)

In retrospect, this is actually a very bad choice of chart. Stacked bar chart may have been better.

If I had a sweet chart-making group, this would not have happened.

Back to work!