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Day 1-4: Paris, France

Hello all!

So remember how I promised I’d try and update every day? Yeah, well, screw that! However, now I have decided I will make posts encompassing the explorations of each city, so less random posts, better content (hopefully) – and perhaps they will be more timely as well!

Our trip begins with a journey to the City of Light on the River Seine – a beautiful place none other than Paris!

Additionally, this is Marcel, the travelling hedgehog. He likes food, toadstools, travelling, Armani, and being in photos! You may be seeing quite a bit of him in the next few posts!

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Dang hoodlums. The lot of them!

Today, my sister made a substantial and generous donation to the young Parisian hoodlums. In the form of… her entire wallet =(

But other than that slight mishap Paris is pretty sweet =) From meeting up with old friends and Kebab #1 to napping in the sun at a gorgeous park and watching the sun set above the Paris skyline, it’s been a good day. Now, to cure this ridiculous jetlag!

Love and a kebab,