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Day 19-23: Thira/Santorini, Hellas (Θήρα)

In fall 2010, Jess approached me and asked if I would be down to go on an epic adventure in Greece with a few of our mutual friends from DTU. I accepted in a heartbeat – Greece is one of the countries on the very top of my list of places I want to visit (it’s an EXTENSIVE list too!) and I am so so happy that Holger and Joe were able to make it happen. I booked flights in and out of Athens and left the rest for Holger to figure out, but I never would have dreamed that we would end up on Santorini Island – cliff diving, lying on the beach, crashing ATVs, and enjoying the beauty of an amazing sunset off the coast of Ia. These pictures don’t even begin to explain what an amazing experience it was!

Sunset over Caldera Beach

(Because no story about Santorini is complete without a photo of the beautiful blue roofs =D)

Pictures and adventures below the cut!

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Day 17-18: Athens, Hellas (Αθήνα)

I apologize profusely for the delay in this post! It has been written and sitting around as an open tab for the last two weeks – I just never got around to adding photos to it! And I mean really, what’s a blog post without photos?? Aside from this, there are two posts left in this awesome saga, and those will be written… soon! I promise! =D And now without further ado – ATHENS!

I never thought I would be in Athens. For me, Athens was one of those places that I only read about in history books (such as the pyramids in Egypt) and and saw in movies about mythology – never in my life, even while planning the trip, did I really think that I would make it to Athens and stand where so many great minds of our time came from. One of the oldest cities – the beginning of Western civilization as we know it, the birthplace of democracy… I could just go on and on! I was standing in the Acropolis staring at the Parthenon when it really hit me – I’m finally here. This really exists. It’s not something that I just read about. I am so incredibly lucky to be here, taking in all of this.

View entering the Acropolis!

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