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Hello world! More posts to come!

Oh! What is this? An update!

But not really =( It is, however 6:47AM and I just finished making some caramels! I wanted to make my kitchenmates Valentine’s Day candies, and due to an ingredient-acquision crisis and just general misaligned priorities, I didn’t get a chance to make them until now! Normally, I would make them when I woke up the next morning, but considering that they need about 8 hours to set before I can dip them in chocolate, I figured now is the time. Also, I had coffee around 9PM so I am widddeeeee awake!!!

I have also just downloaded 163 photos from my camera that were taken in the past three nights in København (Copenhagen). And oh, what a crazy three nights! Thursday evening was an excursion with some Belgians, Frenchmen, and other internationals from welcome week to Copenhagen Business School (CBS); Friday evening consisted of fajitas(? this question mark will be explained in a later post), a trip to the Kulørbar (80DKK entrance fee – about $16, free beer between 11pm – 1am) and 10 scrambled eggs with too much bacon and butter and drowning in cheese with Rasmus, Andreas, and Ann; this past evening (Saturday) was an awesome adventure with Joyce, Laryssa, Poul, and Alex to a “Mediterrenian” buffet followed by Discotek In (120DKK entrance fee – about $24, free beer), delicious pancakes, courtesy of Poul, and then caffiene-induced caramel making. I love it. And here is a photo!

Laryssa, Alex, Poul, Joyce, and Me at Discotek In in København!

All of this will be elaborated on in posts to come! That, and everything else that has happened since I’ve arrived in this awesome, albiet freezing cold, country. In these posts, you will hear about the kickass people I’ve met, Kampsax 27 – probably the coolest kitchen ever, random escapades, exploring København, a day trip to Lund in Sweden, bike-stealing Belgians who are really cool but somewhat smelly (<3), the superiority of European beer and chocolates, why stilettos and snow don’t mix, how all of us RPI girls are broke, rambunctious Americans missing the last bus back to DTU, how my phone almost got stolen on the Metro insert-lots-of-swear-words-here, other exciting things, anddddddd school. Sometimes I forget that I’m here to study =)

In any case, I will hopefully have many many more photos up soon (and a change in layout, because it’s still a picture of NorCal) and an influx of posts!

Ah – the sun is rising. I am wide awake and have a sudden urge to go running, but considering there is quite a bit of snow and it is currently -3C (feel likes -8C) that is probably not a good idea. Maybe I’ll clean my room? Nahhhhhhh

To all – I hope you have all been happy and healthy! I wish you a wonderful wonderful Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year!! 恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai)! If you’re in the states, or Asia, or anywhere else that has access to legit Asian cuisine, eat hella fried nian gao and scallion pancakes for me! Much love to all =)

<3 Tiff

Love and some choice verses, from DTU