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Cupcake Week, Day 4: Mango Cupcakes

My housemate recently discovered that the Asian market in Albany carried mangoes that were both cheaper and of a higher quality than the ones found at the local grocery store. So what would any sensible mango-loving individual who lives with other perfectly-sensible mango-loving individuals do? Buy a case. YES! There were still a few left when I was plotting recipes, so I called shotty on them, and this is my attempt to incorporate them into a pastry!

TOPPING: Mango frosting
GARNISH: Mango chunks, strawberry slices, nilla wafer w/ chocolate syrup

My original intention was to fill them with a mango puree, but they were so moist already that I was afraid the puree would make it soggy, so I skipped that step. And then I ate the rest of the mango <3 The frosting was my FAVORITE part. It was so light and fluffy and tasted like fresh mango! Recipe below the cut!

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