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Hello ma’am, your flight today includes a complimentary side of engine failures and crying babies?

Note: This post is really long overdue, and a lot of excitement has happened after this. Denmark is AWESOME, and I’ve met a lot of really great people, especially in my kitchen! =) There will be a post on exploring Denmark/Copenhagen soon when I get all my pictures off my camera! =D


ABRIDGED VERSION, for people with short attention span/can’t read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too/German Alex:

Saturday January 24
– Starter valve on engine broke, flight from SF to O’Hare got delayed
– Missed my connection to Copenhagen; stayed in a hotel in Chicago

Sunday, January 25
– Woke up at 7 to catch a flight to Dulles
– 6 hour layover in Dulles
– Flight to Copenhagen

Monday, January 26
– Arrived in Copenhagen at 7:15am; no luggage
– One hour later, the agent find my bags (which had been retagged w/o my knowledge) and it turns out they never made it out of Chicago
– I was running late, so took a $100 taxi to DTU
– (The taxis in Denmark are all MERCEDES BENZ!!!)

Then I spent all Saturday cleaning my room – I am too lazy to shorten this part XD

For the long version, told with great amount of detail and lots of punctuation(!), read on! (It’s much more interesting than the abridged version, I promise!)

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