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Cupcake Week, Day 6: Apple Crisp Cupcakes

Hello everyone! I actually only made six cupcakes for cupcake week, as I got incredibly busy with thesis on the last day. However, this and the mojito are my two most favorite cupcakes from the entire week! This cupcake plays off apple crisp and coffee cake, featuring real tangy granny smith apples and a sweet and crunchy streusel filling. In terms of texture, this is one that’s the best!

CUPCAKE: Apple crisp with real apples
FILLING: Streusel
TOPPING: Whipped cream
GARNISH: Apple, caramel, cinnamon (optional)

Want to try? If so, check out the recipe below the jump!! <3

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Cupcake Week, Day 5: Clementine and Olive Oil

Yeah, you heard that right. As soon as I saw recipes for olive oil cupcakes on vegan websites (not that I frequent them because I would die of starvation if I ever tried to be vegan) I knew I had to try them! For kicks, I looked up cupcakes with balsamic vinegar (it’s the perfect compliment!) and to my surprise and delight, I found balsamic whipped cream! SCORE. I had to try these.

CUPCAKE: Clementine and olive oil
TOPPING: Balsamic whipped cream
GARNISH: Clementine zest and basil leaves

Please ignore how hideous the basil is here – our local grocery store is not exactly know for the freshness of their produce. These cupcakes are a crazy combination, but surprisingly delicious! For those brave enough to attempt them at home, the recipe is below the cut!

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Cupcake Week, Day 4: Mango Cupcakes

My housemate recently discovered that the Asian market in Albany carried mangoes that were both cheaper and of a higher quality than the ones found at the local grocery store. So what would any sensible mango-loving individual who lives with other perfectly-sensible mango-loving individuals do? Buy a case. YES! There were still a few left when I was plotting recipes, so I called shotty on them, and this is my attempt to incorporate them into a pastry!

TOPPING: Mango frosting
GARNISH: Mango chunks, strawberry slices, nilla wafer w/ chocolate syrup

My original intention was to fill them with a mango puree, but they were so moist already that I was afraid the puree would make it soggy, so I skipped that step. And then I ate the rest of the mango <3 The frosting was my FAVORITE part. It was so light and fluffy and tasted like fresh mango! Recipe below the cut!

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